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    Guaranteeing Udney Park playing fields for community sport in perpetuity

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The Udney Park Community Fields Trust

The Udney Park Community Fields Trust has been set up with the sole purpose of acquiring the Udney Park Playing Fields and guaranteeing them as playing fields for community sport in perpetuity.

Below the Trust will sit an operating company. The appointees of the operating company will be chosen based upon the skillset of the individuals and with the aim of diverse representation.

This group will be highly energetic and motivated volunteers aiming to ensure that the fields and the pavilion are professionally run. Inclusivity will be a core principle.

The operating company will work closely with schools and community clubs to encourage and support accessible and affordable sports, leisure and cultural activities, and in so doing contribute to the health and well-being of local people.

Community Sports Ground & Pavilion

Interested to know more about how the preservation of this wonderful green space is planned to benefit the community read more about our plans or feel free to get in contact with us.

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We have had an overwhelming amount of support from the local community, other clubs and organisations that recognise the need for green space.

The Plan

The Plan

The plan for the rejuvenation of Udney Park as a community sports project



The history of Udney Park and how we got from War Memorial Ground funded by a War Charity and the RFU to where we are now.