Update on the community bid for Udney Park playing fields

It has been a busy couple of weeks since the community bid to buy Udney Park playing fields was announced.

Since then it has become increasingly apparent that there is a dearth of space for community sport in the borough.
More junior clubs are seeking space than can possibly be accommodated on the 12.5 acres at Udney Park, but nonetheless the fields can be a significant contribution to solving the problem.

I have been asked more than once about the Operating Company which will run the fields. Just to be clear, the intention is that this will be a non-profit making organisation with all surplus revenue reinvested in to the facilities. There is absolutely no possibility of a commercial venture, with the pavilion being converted to a pub/restaurant as one person suggested. The 1920’s pavilion will not just provide facilities for the sporting clubs but will hopefully also be a vibrant community hub for local groups and charities. This is a cornerstone of the proposal.

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Udeny Park Article In Private Eye

Udeny Park Article In Private Eye

Posted on 4th Oct 2021

Udney Park continues to attract media attention. As yet there is no indication that any of this media noise will change the position of AHH/ Quantum who are selling the site.