Udney Park Playing Fields declared an Asset of Community Value

In the latest move in the long-running Udney Park Playing Fields saga, Richmond Council has approved the Teddington Society’s recent nomination of the Park as an Asset of Community Value (ACV). This follows on from the soon-expiring original ACV and will give Udney Park a further five years’ protection.

Quantum, current owner of the site, has advised the Council of its intention to sell – but due to the site’s ACV status it cannot now be sold to anyone but a Community Interest Group during the next six months. Such groups, principally community sports, are now advising the Council of their interest and intention to bid.

Udney Park Playing Fields have already been designated a Local Green Space and Teddington Society members will recall the long, expensive Public Inquiry in 2020 which (based on their recreational, ecological and heritage value to the community) unequivocally ruled that the fields were not suitable for any residential development. Recently Richmond Council firmly re-stated its planning advice as “very strong in terms of protecting Udney Park”.

The range of protection now in place will be a significant deterrent against any potential commercial interest in the site.

“We are pleased that our ACV request has been successful, and we hope this will contribute to all of the Udney Playing Fields soon becoming accessible for community sport” said Keith Atkinson, who heads our Planning Group.

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Udeny Park Article In Private Eye

Udeny Park Article In Private Eye

Posted on 4th Oct 2021

Udney Park continues to attract media attention. As yet there is no indication that any of this media noise will change the position of AHH/ Quantum who are selling the site.