Support From Old Merchant Taylor's

Chair of the OMTs Richard Brooman has provided the following strong endorsement for the Foundation's efforts to purchase Udney Park playing fields.

"A fund was created in 1917 to provide education for the sons of Old Merchant Taylors (OMTs) who had fallen in the Great War and to erect a war memorial. Land in Udney Park Road, Teddington was acquired in 1920 and the OMT War Memorial Sports Ground and pavilion were built, with a small additional loan from the RFU. OMT played Rugby and Cricket at the ground from 1922 until 1937, when they relocated to Croxley Green, to be closer to their school, which had recently moved out of the City of London. In 2011, OMT moved to Sandy Lodge, Northwood, the site of Merchant Taylors’ School.

OMT supports the Udney Park Foundation in its quest to acquire Udney Park and its surviving Pavilion as a War Memorial playing field for local community sport. The Merchant Taylors’ War Memorial Trust remains in existence and it would be fitting that the 100th anniversary of the opening of the "Old Merchant Taylors’ War Memorial Sports Ground" is celebrated with Udney Park safely protected as a Fields In Trust Centenary Field"

The chair of AHH, who are selling Udney Park, is Lord Fink. Both of his sons went to Merchant Taylor’s School - so maybe knowing of this link he might be tempted to take a role in ensuring that the OMT legacy is preserved.

Lord Cave opens pavilion in War Memorial Pavilion in 1922

1924 Lions captain played rugby for OMT at Udney Park

Other recent news

Foundation submit bid to Mr Wu and support in Parliament

Foundation submit bid to Mr Wu and support in Parliament

Posted on 6th Feb 2024

I have now attended two positive meetings with Mr Wu’s representatives, together with my fellow trustee, Philip Barnes. The most recent meeting was the week before last. An offer to purchase the fields has been submitted. More information has been requested. The Foundation is providing an executive summary as to why the land should be sold, in order that Mr Wu’s representatives can go back with to Mr Wu with a recommendation. This submission will go in this week.

The second meeting was also attended by our local MP, Munira Wilson, who made several robust statements in support of the bid. Munira left all attendees in no doubt as to her position. Her position has also been set out in Parliament on more than one occasion, most recently as link below.

Discussions on purchase of fields due to commence

Discussions on purchase of fields due to commence

Posted on 27th Sep 2023

The ACV for the sale for Udney Park playing fields was finally triggered on 15th September 2023, when the owners formally confirmed to LBRUT that they intended to sell the fields. A moratorium of six months now commences during which time the fields can only be sold to a Community Interest Company (CIC).

Foundation to submit bid AND receives a mention in parliament.

Foundation to submit bid AND receives a mention in parliament.

Posted on 14th Jul 2023

Confirmation of the sale of Udney Park playing fields was confirmed in the local press igniting hopes that the fields can be returned to community use

The Foundation have contacted the representatives of Mr Wu in order to put in motion an offer for the purchase of the playing fields. The site is designated as an ACV, and is currently under a moratorium which prevents the sale of the land to anyone other than a Community Interest Company (CIC) for a six month period.