June update on the purchase of Udney Park

The ACV period for Udney Park ends in mid-August. Dialogue with Savills (the agent employed by AHH/ Quantum to sell the land) has continued and been both professional and cordial throughout. The ACV does not compel Quantum to sell to the Community Bid, or indeed to sell at all, and in line with this Savill’s have issued a sales brochure to other potential bidders. This is something that they notified the Community Bid that they would be doing so comes as no surprise.

The reaction of residents to this can be found on the following link: Teddington groups react to new brochure advertising Udney Park playing fields to developers

The local MP, Munira Wilson has also responded to the attempt to sell to a speculative developer: Teddington MP reacts to Udney Park playing fields being advertised for sale

Behind all this furore serious conversations continue and once Savill’s have market feedback, the intention is to hopefully find a price that is both palatable to AHH/ Quantum and their investors, but at the same time is reasonable and affordable from the perspective of the Community Bid. The best guess is that meaningful engagement between the Community Bid and Savills should be able to take place in mid-July.

In the meantime, a Masterplan has been developed for the sporting use of Udney Park so that if a sale is agreed upon, we are ready to go ahead as quickly as possible. Already some highly motivated and energetic volunteers have stepped forward to help manage the Operating Company, and there is a real enthusiasm among the local sports clubs that maybe this may all become a reality. This will be at the perfect time as we come out of the pandemic and there is a real focus on both physical and mental health.

There have also been some exciting conversations with local charities about how the Udney Park Community Trust could contribute beyond simply sport. A refurbished pavilion that retains its historical heritage can hopefully provide the space to put some of these ideas into practice.

Updates will continue to be posted via this news section.

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Udeny Park Article In Private Eye

Udeny Park Article In Private Eye

Posted on 4th Oct 2021

Udney Park continues to attract media attention. As yet there is no indication that any of this media noise will change the position of AHH/ Quantum who are selling the site.